Welcome to the Weekend Wordsmith blog. I am your host, Bruce Colón. The idea of starting up a blog is something I’ve thought about for many years, but it was a struggle trying to find the right purpose and direction. As with all forms of media, there is simply too much of everything out there. The internet age, while a goldmine for the curious, has only amplified the information overload many of us already suffered from. Plus it was difficult to settle on one unifying thread to tie all the writing together. So I just sat on the idea, hoping the muses would eventually take mercy and grant me a lightning-bolt moment of clarity.

That moment never came.

Eventually, I let go of the cumbersome and pretentious search for importance and just decided to go with a much simpler motivation: enjoyment. In my opinion, one of the more positive results of the internet age is the democratization of the “world stage”. As the tools of media have become cheaper and more accessible, it’s lessened the power of excessive gatekeeping, opening the door to many more avenues of expression on a potentially large scale. Everything from the mundane to the profound is up on the net for mass consumption, but even if one’s site traffic is less Mardi Gras and more arid ghost town, it’s still fun attempting to write for an imaginary audience.

While this blog has been set up as a platform for different kinds of entries, it will mostly cover things in pop culture that capture my interest. I’ve always enjoyed playing the role of armchair analyst. There’s a lot of junk out there I do not care for, especially in the current climate where celebrity, not talent, has become the most valuable currency in the realm of entertainment and sports (even, one can argue, in the political arena).  It is a different time now for artists and entertainers, with different priorities (and revenue streams) in place, but pop culture has always been a fascinating intersection where art, commerce, collective fantasy and social commentary meet. At its best, it produces artifacts of long-lasting value. At its worst, it produces Justin Bieber’s nude selfies and pretty much anything Kardshian-related. It may not always reflect reality, but like a funhouse mirror pop culture does reflect a distorted, mad-cap view of the world that most of us are invested in to one degree or another. This makes it perfect fodder for cultural critics and curious observers like me.

Hopefully it will be a fun ride for readers as well. If not, refunds are being offered at the door.


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